Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What Are the Rules?

Welcome to all of our new readers. As our regular audience knows, normally we don't talk about progressive politics. There are lots of other progressive blogs out there that are doing great and important work. But here the rule is stay away from that. UNLESS something happens. Which means you need to know what the rules are first before you break them. Now it's time.

In case you missed it, Oprah Winfrey was given a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. This is traditionally one of the warmup award shows before the Oscars. The other warmup is the BAFTAs (the British Oscars). She made a nice speech basically talking about how important and powerful the truth is. While this is true, one thing that NOBODY else has talked about is the hypocracy in this.

Lots of women are coming forward and talking about being trauma survivors. Good for them. However, almost no one gives the same intensive coverage to guy trauma survivors. Why is that? Is it because pedophiles raping terrified innocent little boys is just too weird? Is it because the thought of gay sex is just like really icky in some way?

In todays' society, the rich and powerful want to hear the truth only when it fits their agendas. Richard Gere is a long time supporter of Tibet who continues to speak out. These people deserve to be heard as well. Yet, Gere is banned for life from presenting at the Oscars. So what's the point of going? Why? Yes Trump needs to be called out for the stupid shit that he says and does. But if someone like Gere tries to help people who need it, he's blacklisted. Why? Because China is the second biggest global market for Hollywood. Which means you keep your damn mouth shut, or you don't work.

Traumatized women are okay to talk about. Millions of traumatized Tibetans? Absolutely not.

Now the "standard" of covering politics in the States is now just hype, gossip and whatever makes the most money. Actual issues affecting millions? To hell with that. Which means the rich and powerful in control of this system just don't care. Which means we choose to vote with our TV remote and money. You want to be hypocrites? Go ahead. I'll go elsewhere and try to make things better.

Protect yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I've never done this type of thing before (said everyone, everywhere, ever), but another lovely mental health experience blogger just nominated me for a Blogger Recognition Award and I'm passing the love on to you.

I love that you address news issues and have a "no politics" policy--you're creating a safe space for everyone, and that's wonderful. That's huge. Than you for this blog; we need more writers like you to shout about PTSD from the rooftops and invite others to share.

Tom said...