Sunday, January 28, 2018

Symptoms and Exhaustion

Almost no sleep at all. You wake up and then ask, are we awake or dissociating? If we can't go back to sleep, then it's drink some tea and try to lie down and focus on rest. When was the last time we got a good night sleep? We can't remember.

Our tolerance for stimulants is gone. Salt, sugar, caffeine (even in small amounts) don't really help. That's one common problem of trauma survivors. Constant burnout. If you're not careful, it's a vicious cycle. You have to try and protect yourself as best you can.

Do we have an addictive personality? I've beaten seven to get to this point. But the pain never goes away.

Health is both physical and emotional. But also, just adding more medication doesn't help. UNLESS you absolutely have to take it.

You have to face your trauma history as best you can. As long as it doesn't hurt you in some way.

You have to fight really hard all the time to not dissociate. It never stops.

Protect yourself.

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