Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pay Attention to the Small Things

People still continue to ignore those suffering in Puerto Rico. Trump continues his racist garbage. We continue to fight symptoms.

My health group approved the colonoscopy (in late October). At times we've struggled with a long list of symptoms. Are these connected to some type of cancer? Or, just because of our trauma history?

Bone pain in our legs, arms shoulders, neck, back and hands.
Pain in our shoulders.
Having trouble being able to stand up (due to no energy).
No sleep at night.
At times having trouble focusing.
Having trouble eating.

Big meals? Can't handle those anymore. Sugar? Tiny amounts are really painful. We're trying to pay attention to small things in how we feel. Can an undealt with trauma history or toxic chemicals make you more susceptible to a long list of diseases? We say yes.

Stay safe.

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