Saturday, September 30, 2017

Face Your Pain Head on As Best You Can

The pain and suffering continue in Puerto Rico. Racist Trump could care less about it. But from a distance, you do what you can to help. What's mandatory is that your well being comes first. Because it's too much to handle.

Symptoms are always there. When was the last time we got a good nights' sleep? We can't remember? Usually if you get any sleep at all, it feels like it's in one hour bits. You have to stay away from violently triggering things. When we go shopping, it's like we literally can't go thru certain sections in the store. It's just not safe. You later have horrible nightmares where it feels like your most horrible fears come out. They come out and nobody will help you. But you have to fight back.

Don't dissociate. You have to constantly fight to keep some sense of balance. Otherwise you feel like you'll just dissolve. This means constant exhaustion. But what else can you do?

Protect yourself.

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