Saturday, February 16, 2013

Face Things Head On

We're really tired after a long day of covering job leads. We're also sticking with our holistic routine as well. Tai chi and meditation seem to complement each other. The idea being turn everything off, and just focus on your chi flow.

The tough part is anger, frustration and a sense of abandoment are still there. Also, severe body pain still happens in various areas. At times, you don't know where you are. We still have to fight to focus in the morning to not dissciate and feel awake. Aspirin doesn't work because the caffeine in it makes the pain worse.

What do you do?

We try to keep in mind that it's not our fault. We're covering everything we can. Create opportunities instead of the world coming to you. Also, we have no control over others. However, we will stand up for ourselves (without sinking down to their level).

Time for some herbal tea.

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