Thursday, February 17, 2011

Use All of Your Sources

How's your Thursday/Friday? Staying in tonight and catching up on a lot.

We went for our Aid to Needy Families interview earlier today. Didn't get that. But, we did get the maximum monthly amount of food stamps assistance.

Now, the next thing is protecting ourselves at all costs. The "parents" still think that we have a "disability" that justifies getting Supplemental Income. We still have mild PTSD which is not a disability. Unfortunately, they could care less what we think.

This means that if push comes to shove and they say, ok, no more financial help, we want to have backups to protect ourselves. We're not going to destroy our life just to get a bully's temporary money. It means as limited contact as possible with them.

As for other stuff, we're screening as much as possible. Some job hunting stuff we have to look at. But other stuff we want no part of. We won't mention it all here and risk triggering everybody.

How are you coping? Despair and dissociating are still problems for us. You have to fight back to keep your balance. If you don't, you'll just fall apart. You feel like an empty shell and wonder, what's the point?

Now, will we actually off ourselves? No. However, in our opinion, it's important to face everything head on as best you can.

We're getting better at prioritizing. Like they say, information and options mean more power. Protect yourself at all costs.

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