Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fighting Hard to Keep Our Positive Balance

How's your day? Here, it's cover a lot of bases.

We're waiting to talk to an attorney about pressure(commit SSI fraud) from the "parents" in exchange for money. Is this illegal? We want to protect ourselves as much as possible both legally and financially. Another reason is that people (especially trauma survivors) can only take so much. You have to protect your physical and mental health. Which means we're documenting as much as possible.

Are you taking things in tiny segments like we are? In addition to that, we're trying to be as healthy as possible. Our tolerance for acidic foods is really low. Have you checked the sugar content in a bottle or can of soda? It varies from 40 to 65 grams. Doesn't this count as "toxic"? Also, what does "natural ingredients mean"? You ask in a store, and they don't know. You ask the corporate head office and they say thanks for writing. Hello?

At times, we've thought about suicide. But, what stops us from doing it? Not giving them the satisfaction, that's what.

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