Friday, November 13, 2009

Time for the Latest

Hi. Sorry to be away for a while. But a lot's been happening.

We're leaving at the end of next month. We've been in the Midwest for a while. But now it's time to go back to a bigger area for more opportunities. Considering everything that's happened here, we should have left a long time ago. But it's time to leave.

At times symptoms are still crippling. But the good news is:

We're still on the holistic diet.
Water, magnesium, and tai chi seem to help some in controlling adrenalin surges.
We haven't gone back to the softcore pron in over a month. And have no desire to.
We're really taking things a step at a time.
We cancelled the TV half of our cable subscription. It's WAY too triggering. So no need for it.
We're doing the move in stages. Which is nice to be able to pace yourself. And if necessary say, enough. Go for a walk.
We're getting breaks on some moving costs. So it does pay to know people in the front office.

More on the new location soon.

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